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T-Shirt Graphics

Design, Illustration, & Typography

Client: Freelance / Brand

Services:​ Design, Illustration, & Typography

Year: 2019 -- 2022

Here is a collection of T-shirt graphics I created for both brand-side and personal projects. My goal when creating T-shirt graphics is to adapt the brand to a wearable design, so it acts like a walking billboard for clients while also fitting nicely into the consumer's everyday lifestyle. 

My process for all T-shirt graphics is similar to ensure the client knows what to expect and has a say at each stage. It begins with a slew of rough pencil sketches, which are adjusted until a final direction is approved. Then, I make any necessary adjustments before refining with the final style. I design all t-shirt graphics in black & white first, so as to not lean on the emotion in color to communicate the brand. This also allows me to limit my color palette when color is eventually added to save on clients' print costs.

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